Bio Edit

Was created god Doritos and ultimate weed to be the dankest being alive.

Physical attributes Edit

  • Appearance: A tall skeleton with a black leather jacket, jeans, large blue boots, and a scouter. Ultra 9000 gains a cracked skull, a tail, a red jacket, a yellow shirt, red pants, and red and orange boots.
  • Height: comparable to papyrus
  • Weight: probably light as he is a skeleton
  • Age: unknown
  • Skin color: white
  • Eye color: black and sometimes blue
  • Hair color: none

Powers and abilities Edit

Bone manipulation, soul manipulation, telekinesis, teleportation, shape shifting, energy manipulation, MLG manipulation, mental immunity, 4th wall awareness,flight

Arsenal Edit

Scouter: can shoot lasers and detect where people are and will be.

Spear of MLG: has the powers of every meme.

Stats Edit

Strength: 420 (usually doesnt lift things but is comparable to other SAWE members)|420 (has the powers of every meme including Illuminati and Cory.)

Speed: 420 (comparable to hyper sanic)| 420 (has the speed of hyper saneegee god

Power: 420 (defeated the UMD)|infinite (his soul can come back and kill anything)

Intelligence: 369 (has 4th wall awareness)|infinite (should know as much as shadow figure)

Fighting skill: 269 (his scouter helps him fight off enimies)|420 (should know all martial arts)

Durability: 269 (survived half life 3)| 420 (should be comparable to Ethan)

Agility: 269 (should be very agile)|420 (comparable to sceptilos)