Khalil the Mlg Penguin or other known as classy penguin or pengu is what pingu sees himself when he is high on dank weed. Classy Penguin used to be just a thought and only boosted pingu's confidence until weedin actually gave him a form.

Origin Edit

Like Previously stated in the last one Classy Penguin is nothing more than a confidence boost because pingu is a sad penguin. One day though weedin actually saw him as himself and made it a physical form, until one day he ran out of weed and turned back to pingu. Weedin then saw him in his sad and depressed state and permanently gave him the physical weed form.

Appearence Edit

He seems like an average chibi penguin

Height: 2'5''

Weight: 20 lbs

Hair(Feather) color: Black, White

Eye color: White

Stats Edit

Strength: 69 (Mountain level)

Speed: 69(Because of penguin feet)

Power: 369 (classy beam is one of the strongest beams)

Intelligence: 269(Smart???)

Fighting skill: 169 (knows a bit of fighting skills)

Durability: presumably infinite (has survived full out attacks from every meme)

Agility: 69 (as a penguin he is not that agile)