When the first MLG Kingler Pokemon was found, Taels attempted to clone it using his super computer that had knowledge of all fighters in the world. When the cloning started, a pair of broken mlg glasses, a cat, and a big afro wig were chosen for fuel. The cloning failed and created Crubmon. Crubmon was given lots of powers from lots of memes, fighters, and heroes thanks to the super computer. The only problem being that the error that made the cloning fail cut Crubmon's intelligence short making him very stupid.



Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Kamehameha, Sharigan, Hadouken, Flight, Teleport Punch, Cat Meteor, Mouth Beam, Spin Dash, and Cat manipulation.


  • T-shirt with cat that shoots lasers out of eyes
  • Time Warping  Titanium Boomerang
  • Broken Ability Absorber (From the super computer)


Strength: 700 (beat Armondew 9000 in a weight lifting contest and can one shot the multiverse but isn't smart enough to realize that)

Speed: 420 (Can fly at Mach 21 when at top speed)

Power: 420 (Is powerful enough to destroy omniversal beings but yet again not smart enough to realize it.)

Intelligence: 50 (He is the dumbest meme there is)

Fighting Skill: 420 (Can keep up with team Tracing SAWE and outclasses Ethan in fighting styles)

Durability: 420 (Can survive 420 Morshu Nukes and 4.2 half-life three attacks, but can be damaged by it badly.)

Agility: 420 (Can touch his toes)


Crubmon has two weaknesses. One is that he is really stupid, leaving him to not know his true power. The second one is that he has a fear of ostriches.