Bio Edit

When GabeN ruled the universe, he created four powerful beings, one being Ethan the green jester.

Physical attributes Edit

  • Appearance: like Steve but is various shades of green
  • Height: 1.8 meters (around 5'11)
  • Weight: unkown
  • Age: was born during the rule of GabeN
  • Skin color: 3 different shades of green
  • Eye color: black
  • Hair color: none

Powers and abilities: Edit

Memetic reality warping, materialization, morphing, 4th wall awareness, mind manipulation, flight.

Stats Edit

Strength: 420 (can carry a finite amount of physically anything)

Speed: 69-420(normally is slow but mods can insanely increase speed)

Power: 420 (can summon an infinite megaton TNT)

Intelligence: 420 (one of the smartest fictional memes)

Fighting skill: 420 (knows pretty much every martial arts)

Durability: infinite (in creative mode only the void and hacks can kill him)

Agility: 69 (has a square body making athletics hard)