Bio Edit

A fusion of charmander and pikachu.

Physical attributes Edit

  • Appearance: a tall red creature with a white belly and big ears.
  • Height: should be comparable to other TRSP members
  • Weight: unknown
  • Age: unknown
  • Skin color: unknown
  • Eye color: red
  • Hair color: red and white

Powers and abilities Edit

Pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, low tier morphing.

Stats Edit

Strength: 369 (should be a good lifter with all his power)

Speed: 369 (outran the flash)

Power: 420 (killed Dolan, GabeN, and the Illuminati thrice and his power levels are over 900000)

Intelligence: ~169 (is never shown to be too smart)

Fighting skill: 269 (as a mix of two Pokemon, he should know some skilled moves)

Durability: presumably 420 (beat GabeN so he might have survived half life 3)

Agility: 369 (The two Pokemon he is mixed with are quite agile)