Bio Edit

Mlg gaster create a mlg sans and he created a mlg sans but mlg gaster don't like it so he throw it away to a very dangerous volcano in the mlg underground and create another mlg sans and its sans pro edition/pro sans and mlg gaster is proud with himself.

Physical attributes Edit

  • Appearance: Just like sans but with pixelated pro shades and a pro blue cap that says "I'm cool".
  • Height: about the height of sans
  • Weight: should be the same of sans
  • Age: unknown
  • Skin color: none
  • Eye color: black
  • Hair color: none

Powers and abilities Edit

bone manipulation, limited materialization, telekinesis, teleportation.

Stats Edit

Strength: 420 (all his stats are the same)

Speed: 420

Power: 420

Intelligence: 420

Fighting skill: 420

Durability: 420

Agility: 420