Bio Edit

Though his origin is unknown, but what we do know is that he was created right after the big bag when darkness first appeared.

Physical Description Edit

  • Appearance: Described as looking like a regular man but with all defining features and color taken out of him. He has no facial features, no clothes, is not atomically correct, or anything really and is pitch black. His shadow god form has a grey glow surrounding him.
  • Height: Though he can morph his body, his normal appearance stands at 5'10.
  • Weight: Can change his weight but his normal form is 150 lb.
  • Age: 13.7 billion years
  • Skin color: Black
  • Eye color: none
  • Hair color: none

Powers and abilities Edit

Morphing, power absorption, omnipresence, omniscience, materialization, regeneration, immortality, darkness manipulation, darkness absorption, blinding, transformation.

Stats Edit

Strength: 369 (can toss the planet into another galaxy)|420 (can lift 1 million planets in one hand and throw them into another galaxy)

Speed: 369 (ran side by side with sanic)|420 (ran a multiverse in a minute)

Intelligence: infinite (omniscient)

Power: 369 (destroys universes with a flick)|420 (one shot a hyperversal being)

Fighting skill: 420 (knows all fighting skills in existence)

Durability: 169 (nearly destroyed by a universal attack)|396 (almost destroyed by a 9000 universe sized explosion)

Agility: 420 (dodged all of hyper sanic's attacks by dancing)