Bio Edit

He was once a Native American that lived peacefully in the deep mountains. He was blessed with immortality when he saw the ancient god named Hoslug (HOS-LUG). When the British killed his tribe and their guns could not work on him, they fled back to their ship. For his bravery in fighting against the British, he was blessed with ultimate power. He then left the dimension to enter the world of MLG and YTP. There, he trained with MLG Shrek to become one of the fiercest warriors in the universe. He does his work secretly along with taking on big threats all by himself. He killed Gumuctus (MLG Galactus) with one hit from the BZ Weedohawk. He is now looking forward to being able to enter and fight against new opponents if he is accepted to fight among the best of the best.

Physical attributes Edit

  • Appearance: an Native American man with spiky hair, really bendy arms, an orange shirt, and jeans.
  • Height: comparable to sceptilos
  • Weight: probably average male human weight
  • Age: 432
  • Skin color: white
  • Eye color: grey
  • Hair color: red

Powers and abilities Edit

Healing, flight, reality warping, time manipulation, soul manipulation, ferce manipulation, mental and physical resistance, elemental manipulation.

Stats Edit

Strength: 420 (lifted several multiverses with half power)

Speed: 369 (1000 mlgs per hour)|420 (lapped the omniverse thrice in a day)

Power: 420 (Took on Swagzilla, Snoop Dogg, and Doge all at once)

Intelligence: 169 (has not that many feats of smartness)

Fighting skill: 69 (mostly just throws tomahawks)

Durability: 420 (survived the collapsing of 12 dimesions)

Agility: 169 (no real feats of agility)